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Ace Skylights are designed to get as much natural sunlight as we possibly can into your home or business. This way you can save on your energy costs within your home and business. Our Skylights can be made to order with any shape or size. The material we use are from glass tops, polycarbonate tops and acrylic domes. Skylight bases can be colour matched to suit most ranges of colourbond roofs. Skylights also come with a 10 year guarantee.

Gives you safe roof access, a very convenient way to get to get access to your roof to eliminate the use of external ladders. They're use is regularly used in Industrial buildings, we are also finding that they are starting to get more use within the family home to allow Trades people to get easier access to air conditioners, TV antennas & vents. It is also compulsory for them to be fitted to two storey homes, due to Government regulations in the building industry. Standard Hatches are made from galvanize and zincalume, we colour match to suit your roof. All are made to measure to suit any application and come with a 10 year guarantee. 

Ace Skylights roof vents are 300 diameter static vent. They are designed for letting out hot air and condensation in the colder months. Very effective in the bathroom to stop mould on your bathroom ceiling and can also reduce air conditioning cost. Comes in a range of colours to suit most colourbond roofs. All roof vents come with a lifetime warranty.



Rob Kilgallon has worked in the Roofing Industry for 25 years, in which his experience is very professional all facets of Roofing. From Access Hatches, Skylights & Roof Vents.


All his Skylights and Access Hatches are made to suit, they're locally made and Manufactured in South Australia to give you proficient Service. We know that each home is different in it's design inside and out, therefore we offer a distinctive solution to suit your home and business best. All work is guaranteed with a 10 year warranty attached to all my services and products.

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